Have you received a Minestamp gift box?

Congratulations!! Now you only have to choose your design and the name and we will send you the stamp, so that you can enjoy your complete Minestamp.

How it works

Choose your design

First of all, check out all our designs in the store. When you have one chosen, simply click on it.

Write your name

Now you just have to type the name you want as your label, next to the icon. You have two rows to complete your name.

Add the coupon

Once you have it, simply add it to the cart and insert the promotion code in your box in the “Coupon Code” field and you will see that you are given a 100% discount.

Stick your stamp

After completing the free purchase of the stamp, we mail it to the address you gave us and when you have it you just have to paste it on your stamp.

Any doubts?

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