Personalized Stamps

Discover our collection of personalized stamps and start naming your kid’s clothes and personal belongings. Let them explore the world knowing that nothing will be lost on the way! Our stamps Mine are made with the best quality materials. Our non-toxic ink lasts up to 50 laundries without losing intensity in the color.

In this section you will find stamps specially designed for 0-3 year old kids (babies), 4-7 year old kids (adventurers) and kids older than 8 (globetrotters). Let them choose the stamp, so they start taking responsibility for their belongings.

Thanks to our personalized stamps, every time they have a school trip or go on a summer training camp you will have all their stuff named in seconds. Remember that you can stamp up to 40 books in a minute, being the first to be ready during the “Back to school” campaign. Let the stamp do the work and start enjoying more time with your kids.

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