Personal stamps for globletrotters (+8 years old)

These personal name stamps for globetrotters are specially designed for kids older than 8 years old. Even though they start to be independent they also need to name their territory. With MineStamp your kids can name their belonging with their own name and a personalized drawing.

Each stamp lasts up to 50 laundries without losing intensity in the color of the ink and it is suitable for every kind of surface. Clothes, bags, notebooks, lunch boxes, shoes, swimming suites… They will love to name everything that it is theirs and will start developing a sense of responsibility. You will notice how they stop forgetting their stuff in school trips!

In addition, the personal name stamps are very resistant, made in the European Union with the best quality materials! Sit down with your kids in front of the computer, show them all the designs and let them choose the one they love the most. 3, 2, 1… it’s time to start naming everything!

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