Clothing stampers for babies (0-3 years old)

These clothing stampers for youngsters are specially designed for kids between 0 and 3 years old. Let them develop their innate curiosity exploring the world with the certainty that all they belongings will come back home, thanks to MineStamp!

All the families have had the same problem when having to leave our babies to a nursery school. Absolutely everything has to be named or it is destined to be lost. The question is, how to do it without hassle? MineStamp gives you the easiest and fastest solution. We have tested the ink with our own kids and know first-hand that lasts up to 40 laundries.

The clothing stampers are very resistant, all of them are made in the European Union with the best-quality materials. Even if your kids do not know yet how to read, they will learn how to identify everything that belongs to them by the drawing. Look for the most appropriate stamp for your kid and start naming everything!

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