Custom name stamps for adventureres (4-7 years old)

Discover our collection of custom name stamps for adventurers and start naming their clothes and personal belongings. Your kids will explore the world without losing anything on the way! The stamps MineStamp are made of the best quality materials. Its ink resists more than 50 laundries without losing intensity and it’s not toxic!

These custom name stamps for adventurers are specially designed for kids between 4 and 7 years old. Let the stamps accompany them in their pranks and discovers, taking care of all their belongings. To identify their name on their stuff will help your kids to develop a sense of responsibility.

The custom name stamps are very resistant, made in the European Union with the best materials. Sit down with your kids in front of the computer, show them the designs and let them choose their favorite. 3 ,2, 1… It’s time to stamp everything!

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